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Helpdesk / Ticketing / Hotline

You can request assistance from Safran Electronics & Defense to deal with your emergency situations. Our specialists will quickly answer your questions via a helpdesk or hotline.

Helpdesk and Hotline: quick, efficient assistance for all your questions.

  • Easy to use: Contact us via our website.
  • You’ll be dealing with specialists, ready to listen to you: Once you specify the type of question, you will be connected to an agent trained to help you – and the same person will be your prime contact for all communications.
  • Guaranteed response time: Safran Electronics & Defense pledges to handle your request within the time specified when your request is registered.

Our assistance service enables you to track your requests when you subscribe to our service portal. Once you have filled out the form, you will receive a message acknowledging the receipt of your request, and identified by a unique reference number, which will be maintained until your file is closed.


Whether you’re a user, maintenance technician or instructor, you can receive appropriate training on request, either traditional or via e-Learning.


Training is based on an analysis of your operational and maintenance requirements. It is adapted to your cultural and business environment, and may be provided in traditional form, with classrooms and practical exercises, or via e-learning.

Training courses are provided by a Safran Electronics & Defense team, either in our premises or yours, and is designed for operators, maintenance staff, instructors and other job categories.

We can also provide skills maintenance sessions on request.


For our e-learning programs, we believe that the students have to manage their own training. We have created an interactive framework to support this approach, by varying the channels used (sound, image, reading and animation), but also by alternating educational approaches (games, simulations, demonstrations, inductive approach), and proposing self-testing throughout the course.

Our e-learning sessions comprise:

  • Generic technical modules, to bring people up to speed on advanced technologies (infrared, inertial systems, exchange protocols, etc.);
  • Technical modules specific to each type of equipment, for operations and maintenance;
  • Specific modules, developed on demand.

These modules are provided via different media: text, 3D animations, video clips. They allow students to determine their own balance between the "freedom to learn", and required support.

Throughout these training courses, we pay special attention to ensure that each student really understands the material to be learned, so that it can be applied consistently in his or her daily work.

eLearning Portfolio (course content):

    Product/equipment operation tutorial kit: sensor operation, optimisation of sensor selection and operation.
  • Product/equipment maintenance tutorial kit: servicing tasks per maintenance level, tools usage, and workbench maintenance.
  • Product/equipment troubleshooting tutorial kit: faulty parts isolation and identification, failure recognition, SRU removal and replacement, workbench operation.
  • Mission execution tutorial kit: system configuration, equipment operation in system context, use cases.


  • Tailored autonomy: two types of sessions:
    • Full autonomy: the trainee opens a self-training session when he wants.
    • Supervised learning: the trainee attends an on-line session under the supervision of a Safran Electronics & Defense instructor. The trainee books the session on-line according to his availability.
  • Flexibility: on-line tutorial kits are available 24/7 worldwide. Safran Electronics and Defense instructors are available according to a planned schedule. Sessions are booked on-line. Special appointments can be defined upon request. Tutorial kits are organised into small structured modules facilitating global training organisation according to available time-slots.
  • Progressive expertise acquisition: tutorial kit modules are focused on the acquisition of clearly identified skills. Progress tracking is automatic. The students can select the modules corresponding to their needs. Tutorial kits are available for any knowledge level from full-beginner, with no pre-requisites, to expert.
  • Practical: tutorial kit progress can be interrupted at any moment and resumed when the student is again available. Cross references between particular system operation and maintenance tasks and tutorial kit content allow the student to pick-up the needed modules.
  • Technical excellence: tutorial kits are permanently updated by Safran Electronics and Defense according to product evolution. The courses allow refreshing and updating the knowledge of experienced users and equipment experts. They are available on the field as a reference even during the pace of operations.
  • Cost-effectiveness: eLearning provides significant cost savings over traditional classroom sessions. Less training equipment is mobilised. Training equipment usage is maximised. Available student free time is easily used with little planning effort. Travel and living expenditures are eliminated.
  • Certification: full completion of tutorial kits is recognised by a certificate of training achievement and success delivered by Safran Electronics and Defense.
Preventive maintenance, repairs, upgrades

To provide system maintenance at the lowest cost and highest dispatch reliability, our maintenance services call on the latest predictive maintenance concepts. Our repair methods are tailored to your needs, with the shortest possible turnaround time. To improve your system’s performance, we can also integrate the latest hardware or software improvements developed for the product range.


You naturally want to maintain your equipment to ensure the highest possible dispatch reliability, while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Safran Electronics & Defense offers a range of cutting-edge inspection methods, largely based on new predictive maintenance concepts, which greatly extend mean time between overhauls. Our service packages are tailored to your operational requirements, for fast TAT and reduced costs.


Once you’ve chosen Safran Electronics & Defense to provide maintenance services for your equipment, you have two options: send the equipment to our plants, or ask Safran Electronics & Defense for on-site servicing. In both cases, the Safran Electronics & Defense support team will perform an expert analysis as quickly as possible, and offer the best solution, working with you to recommend repair or replacement.

And what if you want to expand your own scope of maintenance operations?

Safran Electronics & Defense provides support in the technical and economic analysis of the different possibilities for your situation, and how to implement each scenario. Repair procedures are tailored to meet your operational and economic requirements. We can also oversee the installation of test benches and specialized tools at your support facilities.

Or perhaps you already have a test bench and tools needed to provide NTI2 level support. In that case, we can deliver the training and spare parts you need. Our staff is at your disposal for online support and local assistance if needed.

We also recommend setting up spare parts buffer stocks to avoid having to wait for deliveries. Depending on your repair organization, these stocks may be located in our premises or at your facilities. On request, we also provide expert advice to determine the optimum size for your inventories of spare parts.


At Safran Electronics & Defense we continuously improve our product lines, which means that you can benefit from these upgrades to enhance your equipment performance. These upgrades boost performance and enable you to add new functions when they become available.

Just call on our sales staff get a closer look at everything we offer.

On-site assistance

We basically offer two types of on-site services: on request, we dispatch experts to your premises to help you operate or maintain your equipment; and we support your own maintenance policy, in terms of optimizing workflows, setting up partnerships or shop transfers, etc.


Safran Electronics & Defense supports you for the initial commissioning of your equipment. Along with our training programs, our experienced staff provide local support to your own people for the commissioning of all new equipment.


We also provide teams of experts to provide the technical assistance you expect.

Through these teams, you can also count on our in-house design engineers to deal with any situation. Online help is of course available (Hotline/Helpdesk/Ticketing), and when required we can dispatch a rapid response team on site.

Safran Electronics & Defense offers local technical assistance contracts to ensure cost-effective support and flexibility for our customers.

This means you will enjoy total support under mutually agreed conditions, all the way to operation sites if necessary.


Integrated Logistics Support is integrated right from the design phase to develop systems that optimize performance and cost of ownership throughout their life cycle.

Safran Electronics & Defense’s Customer Support department also deploys the resources needed to support your equipment in operation. Plus, you will be always deal with a single contact person.

Our maintenance policy is tailored to your requirements:

  • Service on demand.
  • Standard contracts based on fixed repair prices.
  • Standard contracts including fixed-price services: configuration management, obsolescence management, publication updates and training..

Our repair organisation will be adapted in line with your operational and economic requirements, calling on Safran Electronics & Defense’s own repair shops, or shops at industrial partners near you, or your own support bases (for greater autonomy and higher performance).


Publications are a key part of any system, and users call on them throughout the life cycle. Whether in paper form or electronic (PDF, XML, HTML), standardised to ASD1000D or MIL-STD-1388-2B or fully customised, they contribute to the system’s operational efficiency. These publications meet all user needs, including operation and maintenance, but also parts restocking, which includes approved industry reference numbers.

Our documents are regularly updated, to ensure optimum operating conditions for all of our customers.


Regularly, a new publishing of the technical documentation will be carried out.

This activity is necessary to take into account:

  • Software releases and modifications,
  • Obsolescence survey,
  • Customer remarks.

It includes:

  • Update of user manuals,
  • Update of maintenance manuals,
  • Update of illustrated parts catalogue.