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Safran Electronics & Defense pays particular attention to how we provide maintenance. To make sure it meets your specific requirements, we offer a full range of services, at three different levels.

We can adjust as precisely as necessary the services that will be requested to optimize the operational technical availability of your fleet according to your maintenance strategy:

1) You handle local maintenance, and Safran Electronics & Defense provides second and third line repairs in our own facilities.

2) Your staff receives appropriate training and we set up the test benches needed for your workshops to handle second line maintenance, with only the most demanding jobs being handled by Safran Electronics & Defense.

3) A technology and knowledge transfer, making you completely independent. In this model, Safran Electronics & Defense provides complete training and technology support, as well as supplying the spare parts and assemblies needed to ensure this level of maintenance. This approach helps optimize your costs and system availability.


Tools & benches maintenance

The preventive maintenance activities include identification and documentation for all verification and calibration tasks to be applied on tools and test equipment. These tasks are identified in the maintenance documentation and can have to be handled by certified bodies.


Safran Electronics & Defense maintains program specific benches in her premises for specific assessment, validation of software and/or hardware modifications. This framework includes the complete maintenance, preventive and corrective, for that equipment.

The preventive maintenance of benches is essential to maintain Safran Electronics & Defense repair capability.


Simulation services portfolio:

  • Product/equipment simulation based on the latest virtual and augmented reality technologies
  • Mission preparation and rehearsal


  • Full autonomy: the trainee opens a self-training session when he wants. He can be supervised by an instructor.
  • Flexibility: there are virtually no limits to the mission scenarios that can be implemented. All available product/equipment control devices can be interfaced to the simulator. Simulation complements traditional training and eLearning.
  • Life and asset preservation: the simulator enables creating missions and rehearsing them before executing them. This allows optimising the scenarios and limiting the risk for the teams. Operational effectiveness is maximised.
  • Progressive expertise acquisition: simulations are focused on the acquisition of clearly identified skills. The students can select the simulations corresponding to their needs. Simulation scenarios are available for any knowledge level from full-beginner, with no pre-requisites, to expert.
  • Practical: simulations can be recorded for critical analysis and better understanding of aspects needing further training. The simulator is presented in a ruggedized packaging enabling field operation.
  • Scalable: the simulator complies with Virtual Battle Space 2 standard and enables interfacing with other simulators or higher level simulation architectures.
  • Cost-effectiveness: simulation provides significant cost savings over system training. No system is mobilised. Simulation equipment usage is maximised. Available student free time is easily used with little planning effort. Flight or field expenditures are eliminated.
Data analytics

Data analytics services portfolio:

  • Data analysis by Safran Electronics and Defense experts
  • Setting up a data analysis capability within the customer organisation

The Safran Electronics and Defense Maintenance Data Analysis (MDA) team utilises specialised techniques and methodologies for reliability data analysis. The team collects data from the entire customer fleet, strenuously analyses it, and in turn produces the Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) reports which is recognized as one of the most comprehensive reliability reports in the industry.

These reports essentially aim to provide the customer with the tools for achieving the highest system reliability and availability. The FRACAS report is issued on a frequency basis consistent with user operations, and contains detailed reliability statistics and analysis for all product/equipment types.

The MDA team currently offers the following services:

  • Initial Reliability Process Development: customers gain a better understanding of the data requirements, in addition to understanding the FRACAS report and how it can be applied to their operations.
  • Reliability Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting: this service involves three modules that can also be provided on an ad-hoc basis:
    • Reliability Data Collection and Processing: a specialist from the MDA team will assist the customer in setting up the correct data exchange system. Internal processes and software specifics will be reviewed with the customer and the specialist will help define the queries needed to successfully exchange the data with Safran Electronics and Defense. Remote data collection capability can be implanted through the remote diagnostic and troubleshooting facility.
    • Reliability Data Quality Review: a specialist will review the customer’s reliability data and assess its completeness and quality. An in depth review may be conducted to better understand the data capturing and processing procedure with the intent of providing recommendations for improvement.
    • Development/Customization of Reliability Report - A specialist will work with the customer to develop a customized report.
  • Fleet Performance Monitoring: the customer receives a periodic reliability report specifically developed to monitor its fleet key performance indicators.
  • Detailed Reliability Report: a more detailed version of the ‘Fleet Performance Monitoring’ report, it can be customized to include additional metrics, charts, tables such as incidents analysis, failure conditions, etc.
  • Complete Reliability Reporting Package: further to the ‘Detailed Reliability Report’ described above, customers will receive a complete insight into their fleet performance and reliability. A specialist will conduct a System Analysis, Rogue Part Analysis, Dispatch Reliability analysis and much more. This report is intended for the customer’s internal reliability meetings.
HUMS & predictive maintenance

HUMS embedded in our equipment (Health and Usage Monitoring System) record data and measure in real time the good behaviour of different components. This is an essential first step towards the predictive maintenance of the most complex components, allowing in particular the realization of predictive maintenance operations in order to detect failures before they occur.

Safran Electronics & Defense offers advanced HUMS record analysis services to optimize your operational technical availability.

In Service Support optimisation & streamlining

The Safran Electronics & Defense experts are available to analyse all the components of your In Service Support structure:

  • Training
  • Technical documentation
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Workshop organisation
  • Return on Experience
  • Purchase order management
  • Management of subcontractors

Our teams of specialists of In Service Support frameworks will be able to advise you to improve the operational technical availability of your equipment and to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Latest standard upgrade

Having in hands the latest technology to make sure that your staff will get the best results is your constant concern. Safran Electronics & Defense offers innovative solutions for the complete or partial renewal of your fleet and installed base with our latest equipment including our latest technological advances.

Service & spare request at any time

The defense and security activities are characterized by the need to respond very quickly to unforeseen demands. Safran Electronics & Defense is committed to its customers by offering support and spare parts capabilities on short notice.

We can offer pre-positioned stocks around the world to reduce delivery times.