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Access to this part of Safran Electronics & Defense’s site dedicated to the support of Safran Electronics & Defense’s optronic products and its content (the « Support Site ») is strictly limited to individual(s) employed by any of Safran Electronics & Defense’s customers (the “Customer”) possessing any such optronic products (the “Products”) pursuant to a contract entered into with Safran Electronics & Defense and designated to Safran Electronics & Defense by the Customer as being authorized to access the Support Site.

After filling out a registration form, the relevant staff member(s) (the “User”) will receive from Safran Electronics & Defense a log in and a password giving the right to access the Support Site. Such log in and password shall not be disclosed to any third party by the User. Safran Electronics & Defense reserves the right to invalidate the log in and password of any User using any information of the Support Site in violation of these General Conditions of Use. If the User loses its log in and/or password, the User will inform Safran Electronics & Defense by mail in order to receive a new log in and/or password.

Any and all information available on the Support Site is confidential and shall therefore not be disclosed by the User in any way, in whole or in part, to third parties. The use of information accessible on the Support Site is strictly limited to the Customer’s need of maintaining and/or repairing the Products.

Safran Electronics & Defense will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information made available on the Support Site. Safran Electronics & Defense may, at any time and without notice, modify the information offered on the Support Site. The User will contact Safran Electronics & Defense’s Help Desk if it notices any inaccuracy or lack of updating of any information provided on the Support Site or has any question with respect to any such information.

Safran Electronics & Defense does not warrant that the operation of any downloaded software on this Support Site will be uninterrupted or error-free or shall be free from any virus, « Trojan horse », « worm » or other software routines designed to permit unauthorized access to disable, erase or otherwise harm the software, hardware or data or to perform any other similar actions.

The reproduction and use of the information (texts, pictures, diagrams...) published by Safran Electronics & Defense on this Support Site and the use of any downloaded software is authorised solely for maintaining/repairing the Products. Any reproduction and use of the information for other purposes is strictly prohibited.

Each software program and the information it contains, any updates and all copies of them are Safran Electronics & Defense’s or Safran Electronics & Defense’s licensors’ property, and title to them remains in Safran Electronics & Defense or such licensors. All applicable rights in patents, copyrights and trade secrets in the software programs are and will remain in Safran Electronics & Defense or Safran Electronics & Defense’s licensors. No title to or ownership of the software programs or the information they contain is transferred to the User. The User shall not modify, disassemble, reverse engineer the software program in whole or in part.